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mohammad April 13, 2012 08:07

Simulate the wind profile on a wind turbine---> HOW ????
hi everybody.
I am trying to simulate a 2 bladed wind turbine in a real wind condition with the vertical wind profile ( log law). Also I want to simulate a half model ( 1 blade) and run the model two times; one time for the down-blade and another time for the up-blade.

However the question arises as:
1- How should i treat the BC at the location of geometrical symmetry?
a)From the first glance, symmetric BC is wrong ( because of the wind profile).
b) What about Free-slip BC.
This one also is skeptical because it omits the effects of the wind profile after this plate.
c) What about if i use a taller domain and the blade's root is not connected to that plate. Therefore when i apply the wind profile I can simulate the wind for a higher profile and the wind speed just before the geometrical symmetry plate can be simulated. this will help me to simulate the wind profile more realistically but still the effects of the other blade is omitted.

Now this is my question that "How can I simulate this condition ?" and what is your suggestion

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