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Vincent Johnston July 12, 1999 16:26

Published Axial Fan Data
I am looking for reliable, experimental in-line axial fan data that has 3-D velocity vector information both upstream and downstream of the fan, in high and low blockage configurations.

Has anybody come across this information?

Sergei Chernyshenko July 12, 1999 16:30

Re: Published Axial Fan Data

I am not sure, but look at

There were some data on turbomachinery flows there. Not exactly fans, I am afraid.

Good luck.


John C. Chien July 14, 1999 00:49

Re: Published Axial Fan Data
(1). Fan and motor are normally tested together in the test cell to provide the performance data, in terms of RPM, flow rate and pressure difference. (2). Measurement of 3-D velocity vector distributions upstream and downstream are not required. The actual flow field is a function of fan installation ( and fan blade design) . (3). Measurement of the Velocity field should not be a difficult task.

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