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NavArchos January 17, 2013 11:24

Surface Grid breakdown
Hi all!

This is my first post and I ll try to be as clear as possible.
I am trying to construct a structured surface grid over a podded propulsor.

At the moment, I trying to figure out the grid for the surface of revolution between the two fins. The problem is the big difference in size (length)of these fins.
I suppose that the grid should be devided in two patches: back side of one grid to the face of the other. However, I dont what method should be appropriate: TFI and then elliptic PDEs?

Another solution would be the creation of a "collar" around the small fin and then an overall grid or devided again by two patches. Still dont know how to create the collar (hyperbolic PDEs?)

Thanks in advance guys!_

jchawner January 27, 2013 17:22


You're asking about two different, but related, things: topology and methodology. It seems to me that the topology is pretty straight-forward and you could use an O-grid with its axis down the center of the pod. The only interesting part is to deciding how to transition the grid on the upper symmetry plane to the lower symmetry plane as it rotates through 180 degrees. (If, as you state, you're only interested in the surface girds then this is almost trivial.) This is where the methodology comes into play. I doubt simply using TFI would be sufficient for generating the actual mesh so some smoothing with an elliptic PDE method would be really helpful. As for a collar grid and hyperbolic PDE methods, that seems to be more suited if you are intending to generate overset volume grids.

I hope that helps.

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