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lamboram August 31, 2013 13:37

User defined Connections(Contacts) and coordinate systems
Hello all,

Let me cut to chase. I have a battery system made up of cells and modules (collection of cells). Now every cell needs to have specific coordinate system and the connections are fairly important. the connections and coordinate systems gets more complicated when it comes to modules because it has 10-16 cells in it and needs more labour to check if the automatic connections are reasonable.

Now I am about to build the battery system and it is one big challenge as it has 5 modules and it has millions of connections. If I have to check the connections manually as I do for modules and initiate coordinate systems, it might take a two to three weeks altogether and I dont have such time. My question is simple, I have Ansys models of my modules (with connections, coordinate systems and mesh). Is it possible in Ansys to import already meshed and contact defined part in to a bigger component? I hope I have made my question understandable. Any input to this challenge will be greatly appreciated and might save lots of work hours. I sincerely thank in advance.


P.S: I am also posting this in the structural forum just so if someone might have any similar experience. thanks again.!

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