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CFD999 October 10, 2013 17:02

Please help me with Salome Meca, Blender and Saturne CFD software
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P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Hi,

I am planning to make a wind tunnel test of the sport scar mesh made in Blender. I am using CAELinux and I am new to CFD.

I try to prepare the file correctly in Salome Meca, then export it as .med file to Saturne for a wind tunnel test.

But Saturne CFD software does not like my mesh at all. I believe it should be a good mesh, at least it has no holes in it. It should be totally solid.

The Saturne CFD software gives me following errors:

| Code_Sat
Mesh fi
Mesh name
SIGSEGV signal (access to forbidden memory area) intercepted !
Call stack
1: 0x7f2231b532d9 (
2: 0x7f223247cb6d (
3: 0x7f2232642a95 (
4: 0x7f223247c0e0 (
5: 0x7f223248bbbc (
6: 0x7f223248c3ed (
7: 0x7f223247bd8d (
8: 0x7f2232487e8b (
9: 0x7f22324882f7 (
10: 0x7f22321d8104 (
11: 0x7f223217a6ce (
12: 0x7f223215088d (
13: 0x7f223214694d (
14: 0x4304e6 (cs_preprocess)
15: 0x40ebeb (cs_preprocess)
16: 0x409fd0 (cs_preprocess)
17: 0x7f2231ae9c4d (
18: 0x404209 (cs_preprocess)
End of stack

Please let me know what I am dong wrong. Thanks in advance. I could send the mesh as .stl, .med or in .hdf form for a further study via email for interested.

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