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vishnu_240 October 21, 2013 22:53

Mesh Generation by Multi-Block
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I am new to multi-block concept, earlier i was working with algebric grid generation in c++ , for the problem like Attachment 26265 this needs to be solved in blocks so please help me.Thank you.

tcarrigan December 6, 2013 18:30

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The multiblock concept is simple: discretize the computational domain using blocks that are point matched at their interfaces. Obviously, the more blocks you use, the higher quality the grid you can create, but the more time it will take to generate. With today's software you can get away with using fewer blocks by taking advantage of elliptic PDE methods for smoothing.

In your case, I was able to create the grid using only two blocks (blue and green in the image). The grid is coarse in this example to demonstrate the concept. More blocks could be used, but this case is simple enough that it's not necessary.

Hope this helps.


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