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lbarkett November 12, 2013 21:08

Pointwise Mesh Generation to COMSOL
Has anyone ever tried to create a 3D mesh in Pointwise and import it into COMSOL? Sometimes COMSOL complains about importing geometry, so I was wondering if mesh importation was any different. Is it painless or full of pain?

rmatus November 13, 2013 11:22

Use NASTRAN export from Pointwise

We have successfully transferred meshes from Pointwise to Comsol by exporting them as NASTRAN bulk data files. One gotcha currently is that Pointwise exports pyramids as collapsed prisms while Comsol expects them as CPYRAM elements. We are working on an option in Pointwise to export pyramids either way: as collapsed prisms or a CPYRAMs.

All the other element types import just fine.

Hope this helps,

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