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Annuminas November 18, 2013 08:29

CAD to SALOME with Structured Boundry Mesh layer
Hello Guys,

I am struggling to get a clean boundry mesh layer on an imported geometry in SALOME.

I will try to describe what my starting point is as clear as possible.

My geometry is a kind of hydro turbine roughly similar to this one with the exception that the rotor blades are welded to inside the casing and not to a centered axis.

To simulate flow though the turbine i fill the turbine with an cylinder of the correct measures and Bool-Cut the cylinder with the Imported SLT model form Autodesk Inventor to get the "Water"-Volume contained by the turbine.

My next goal would be to create a Mesh for the fluid inside the turbine BUT with an structured boundry mesh layer on all walls of the cylinder as well as at the blades.

This is how far I get with SALOME:

As you can see the mesh is pretty irregular at the border of fluid mesh to structured boundry mesh. Is there a way to get a sharper blending of those two structures? Also it seems like the viscosious layer stretch factor is not applied.

The Layer at the Blade-Cuts is pretty Messy in my opinion. Can you please help me to get better results?

I really do not know why but the Viscosious Layer Hypothesis seems to be completely ignored at the button of my cylinder. Why is that so?

How I get these results:

Hexa_3D, Netgen-2D

Viscosious Layers for Hexa_3D, Layers 4, Stretch factor 1,2
Netgen 1D-2D Parameters: Allow Quadrangles, Optimize

Is there a way to get a really cleanly structured boundry Layer out of SALOME stretching into a cylindric geometry?

Many Thanks for your help in advance. And Please apologize if me questions are stupid. I am still a newbie to CFD.

Regards. Ilja

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