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freida December 6, 2013 10:36

Intracranial Aneurysm Meshing
Hello CFD experts!!!

I am a complete newbie at this and just started learning CFD for my final year project. It is based on intracranial aneurysm where I have the geometry in a .stl format and tried using ansys (14.5) meshing. However it wouldn't allow me to generate a simple initial mesh as well!!!! Before this I tried using IA-FEM but was told not to by my project supervisor!!! What am I doing wrong???

Has anybody done this before? Could someone please help me and guide me!!!

Thanks in advance!

tcarrigan December 6, 2013 17:57


You may want to look at Pointwise.

I've personally generated both viscous multiblock structured and hybrid grids for intracranial aneurysm geometries using Pointwise. While the structured approach is a little more hands-on and involved, you do end up with a high quality grid that improves the prediction of things like rupture, etc.

My experience generating hybrid viscous grids for aneurysm geometry in the STL format has been positive as well. Unstructured and hybrid approaches are more automated, significantly reducing the meshing time.

If you're interested, have your supervisor submit an evaluation request at


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