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pesar125 December 21, 2013 01:15

deadline for my project is so near, please help me
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hi guys
i need to help for my project
i have problem that it pictures attached
two liquid enter to static mixer and they should mix with them
i split my volume and then mesh it but when i import to fluent i faced with error that is out of memory.
when i biger the mesh generation and run in fluent my solution is diverged.
i have two liquid and i active multiphase (vof or aulerian or mixture)
i use : ske
pressure based
mas flow inlet1
mas flow inlet 2
pressure outlet
other surface is wall

what an i gonna do?
i don't know that my mesh generation isn't proper or my set up in fluent is incorrect
please help me

Ramjan February 7, 2014 00:21

Replying without looking at your mesh is really difficult in this case
if you are still looking for help please write to me at and attached your geometry and mesh

afrotimy February 21, 2014 21:35

Guess, the problem is from your mesh. I think you have to patch the two media.

Patch 1 for 1st fluid and patch 2 for the 2nd fluid.

sameben February 22, 2014 07:17

Can you share the geom with me?

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