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Sumanth Bhat April 12, 2018 02:00

Importing geometry from spaceclaim to icem cfd
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Why can't I see inlet and outlet surface when import geometry from SpaceClaim to ICEM CFD?

I am trying to mesh a 3D model and facing a new error. I have made a 3D model of a geometry (Fig 1-2D Geom) in SpaceClaim (Fig 2-3D model).

While importing that geometry into ICEM CFD I cannot see Inlet surface even when I check surfaces in ICEM CFD (Fig 3-ICEM CFD). In Spaceclaim, I can see that inlet Surface (Fig 2-3D mod), but can't see that in ICEM CFD after importing. Same error happens when I tried modelling it in design modular and importing it to ICEM CFD.

What is this error? how to resolve it? Please someone throw some light on it and please provide the solution for this error.

Waiting for some positive answers.

Sumanth Bhat April 12, 2018 10:55

Questions regarding new options in ICEM CFD
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When I import geometry in ICEM-CFD using IGES/STEP format, in the left window, I can see a some new options, " 1. Bodies " and " 2. Fluid_1_1_MATPOINT ". [Fig 1]

What is the meaning of these two options?

When I share geometry from Design Modular, these two options will not apper on the window. Why so?

In Fig 2, While blocking, Which option I have to choose to create blocking of my fluid domain.?

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