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Talder February 13, 2019 15:23

gmsh spline delaunay 3D error message
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I tried to make a 3D tee-pipe model with gmsh (2 intersecting cylinders, large and small).
I calculated the intersection curve points and made them spline sections.

Next made a 1/8 section of the small pipe into transfinite lines, surfaces and volume.
I was surprised to find out that gmsh can do the 2D-warped intersection surface.
Next it nicely meshed every transfinite 2D-surface of this block.

Finally it gives errors when I try 3D meshing: that Delauny system doesn't seem to accept the warped surface 1.

Is this the end of a gmsh 3D-hex mesh trial or is there a solution to get this working ?

I did try exactly the same volume in OpenFoam Blockmesh and it worked fine, but is more difficult to automate. Gmsh would be better, but apparently cannot handle this ?

All suggestions welcome,


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