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AeroMT June 14, 2019 19:03

ICEM | Issue generating hybrid mesh twisted wing
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Hello everyone,

I am a student, completing a Master in Aerodynamics and for my Thesis I have to study an inverted twisted wing in ground effect. I am studying the mesh independence, but I am having a problem. I have generated 4 meshes with different number of cells (the last has 7 million cells) but when I try to decrease the maximum size value of the model surfaces, firstly the unstructured mesh is not displayed on the model and secondly the prism layer (in order to generate the hybrid mesh) is not generated.

I attach few images to better understand the case, the green part is my model while the blue surface is the ground. It can be seen that the model is not meshed whereas the ground it is. Can you help me? I do not know whatís going on, and itís even more weird the fact that this problem occurs only at certain small surface values.

I hope to have explained my issue, if not please ask me more info.

Thank you.

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