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Gmsh - Bounding a Step file for Flow Visualisation

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Old   December 15, 2020, 03:30
Default Gmsh - Bounding a Step file for Flow Visualisation
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Wesley Brooks
Join Date: Dec 2020
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Hi All,

I am working with *.geo files with a view to import a step file (opencascade), create a scaled up bounding box around the file and mesh it for fluid flow visualisation.

I can see the box and CAD on the gmsh gui, but the meshing goes through the Step volume. I tried using a boolean option, but the reference to the external faces was lost, and the mesh control was lost.

Can anyone share a link to a worked example that may help my learning?

Thanks. I will add my geo file when I get to my computer.
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Old   December 15, 2020, 04:10
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Wesley Brooks
Join Date: Dec 2020
Posts: 2
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DocTrucker is on a distinguished road
As promised, this is what my *.geo is looking like at the moment:

gridsize = 0.05;


Geometry.OCCTargetUnit = "M";

v() = ShapeFromFile("CAD/Vehicle.step");
Physical Volume("vehicle") = v();

bbox() = BoundingBox Volume{v()};

xmin = bbox(0);
ymin = bbox(1);
zmin = bbox(2);
xmax = bbox(3);
ymax = bbox(4);
zmax = bbox(5);

dx = xmax - xmin;
dy = ymax - ymin;
dz = zmax - zmin;

cx = (xmax + xmin)/2.0;
cy = (ymax + ymin)/2.0;
cz = (zmax + zmin)/2.0;

g_dx = dx * 1.5;
g_dy = dy * 1.5;
g_dz = dz * 3.0; 

g_xmin = cx - (g_dx/2.0);
g_xmax = cx + (g_dx/2.0); 
g_ymin = cy - (g_dy/2.0);
g_ymax = cy + (g_dy/2.0); 
g_zmin = cz - (g_dz/2.0);
g_zmax = cz + (g_dz/2.0);

next_point_tag = newp;

Point(next_point_tag+0) = {g_xmin, g_ymin, g_zmin, gridsize};
Point(next_point_tag+1) = {g_xmax, g_ymin, g_zmin, gridsize};
Point(next_point_tag+2) = {g_xmax, g_ymax, g_zmin, gridsize};
Point(next_point_tag+3) = {g_xmin, g_ymax, g_zmin, gridsize};

next_curve_tag = newl;

Line(next_curve_tag+0) = {next_point_tag+0, next_point_tag+1};
Line(next_curve_tag+1) = {next_point_tag+1, next_point_tag+2};
Line(next_curve_tag+2) = {next_point_tag+2, next_point_tag+3};
Line(next_curve_tag+3) = {next_point_tag+3, next_point_tag+0};

next_curve_loop_tag = newll;

Line Loop(next_curve_loop_tag+0) = {next_curve_tag+0, next_curve_tag+1, next_curve_tag+2, next_curve_tag+3};

next_suface_tag = news;

Plane Surface(next_suface_tag+0) = next_curve_loop_tag+0;

Transfinite Surface {next_suface_tag+0};
Recombine Surface {next_suface_tag+0};

//+0.000001 Bodge on extrude to get all layers.
surfaceVector[] = 
Extrude {0, 0, g_dz+0.00001} {

Physical Surface("bottom") = {next_suface_tag+0};
Physical Surface("top") = surfaceVector[0];
Physical Surface("back") = surfaceVector[2];
Physical Surface("right") = surfaceVector[3];
Physical Surface("front") = surfaceVector[4];
Physical Surface("left") = surfaceVector[5];
Physical Volume("fluid") = surfaceVector[1];

next_volume_tag = newv;

//BooleanDifference(next_volume_tag) = { Volume{"fluid"}; Delete; }{ Volume{"vehicle"}; Delete; };
//BooleanDifference(next_volume_tag) = { Volume{surfaceVector[1]};}{ Volume{v()};};
BooleanDifference(next_volume_tag) = { Volume{surfaceVector[1]}; Delete; }{ Volume{v()}; Delete; };

 Physical Volume("tunnel") = next_volume_tag;
Edit: Advice on what to do to avoid the 'bodge' would also be appreciated! Without this I get an error after clicking 3D on the gmsh GUI that is a list of points that it can't find. Likely ones that are co-incident with the top of the extrusion.

Edit2: I am now working through the"3_weeks"_series tutorial series.

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Old   November 29, 2021, 11:03
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Andrea Michelotti
Join Date: Mar 2021
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Have you solved the problem? I am facing the same issue simulating a wing.
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