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laurent98 April 23, 2012 19:30

target cell size for the internal free surface
dear all,
i am trying to mesh a boat 20m long, in a 100*40*30 meters box, with Hexpress.
what can be the maximum target cell size to get a simulation of waves and boat drag not to bad...
with X=1 y=1 z=0.01 and a aspect ratio of 100 i get 4 000 000 cells
thank you for reply

Rombzh April 24, 2012 18:37

The usual guideline is to have a normal resolution of Lpp/500 or Lpp/1000, and to reach that kind of resolution with a level of refinement of 7 or 8. So basically your initial mesh size in the Z direction would be (Lpp/500)*2^7.

When it comes to waves, 80 points per wave length, and 10 points per wave height.

PeiSan August 6, 2014 05:48


I actually dont know how to find the target cell number since inside tutorial got teach but i already try use the formula that available in manual. However still cant get it. Is it i wrongly use the formula? Then i use the formula you write out, the value given out is so small. My Lpp is 1.372m

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