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Vladimir_K September 17, 2012 07:59

Simulation of the rotational motion of the aircraft
Good afternoon all the participants!

For an aircraft is required to determine the aerodynamic coefficients depending on not only the linear speed, but also the angular velocity of the rotary motion of the apparatus.

Performed the following steps: 1) to make a special cylindrical region (region 1)
which has been placed under investigation body (the cavity).
2) The area had been placed in a cylindrical covering its area (area 2).
Thus get two adjoining areas, the inner region is assumed rotating.

3) construct the grid for both domains.
4) exhibited the boundary conditions for each grid without communication between the domains.

Further, as I understand it, must be given terms "rotor / stator" on the borders of the two contiguous regions using the menu "Non Matching Connections".
However, when the transmission conditions "rotor / stator" on the corresponding faces are given - then the program fails to calculate them -
after pressing the "Compute" the program stops working.

Please explain in what could be my mistake?

Still would like to ask another question.

Can the program Fine Heha use dynamic grid to solve this problem with a rotating body with no axial symmetry.
(This example is possible in Fluent).

If so - how?

With respect to all participants of the forum, Vladimir

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