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glasgow_andrew September 25, 2013 05:31

Problem with creating a domain in hexpress
Ive tried the tutorial that shows you how to import a parasolid model and then from this create a domain (.dom) file for use in meshing. This worked fine however I am now trying the same with the parasolid file I have created for my work and I have encountered some difficulty. After creating a box around the model and subtracting them so they are one item I try creating a domain however at this point it does not show the triangulation and how it changes if you change the faceting settings. Can anyone help me in anyway as to why that may be?

gowthamg March 10, 2014 05:58

I understud ur problem my friend also faced same problem.
But, Any way can you please share the hexpress tutorial you are talking in ur post.

I am a student and want to luk at it.
then i can tell better abt the problem.

romainRH March 11, 2014 13:04

Wath exactly is the error log? Does hexpress crash ?

I solved a lot of problem with hexpress using scripts.


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