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arvindarwin December 31, 2013 07:04

darft tube and francis(runner,guide,stay)
Dear all,

Im new to numeca I have 2 simple questions?

1. what is the step after mesh generation in iGG. i want to generate darft tube mesh and perform solving. In which modul, numeca solves generated mesh?
Is that Euranus?!

2. How can i analyze francis turbine runner together whit draf tube and spiral casing in one analyze enviroment.(assembled to each other)?

Thank you

colinda1 January 16, 2014 11:36

1. After the mesh generation you can define the flow solver input in FINE/Turbo GUI and from there launch the computation that is done in the solver EURANUS.

2. You can mesh your runner in AutoGrid5 and then put it together with the mesh of the draft tube and the spiral casing in two ways:
- if you have access to AutoGird5 advanced modules, you can import these meshes in AutoGrid5 environment as a 3D effect. This has the advantage that it is included in the template so if you change the geometry of the runner or the other meshes, you can easily recreate your complete mesh.
- otherwise you can go in IGG, open the draft tube mesh and then use File/Import/IGG Project to import the runner and the same for the spiral casing. Then you need to specify the right boundary conditions at the connection between these meshes (rotor/stator interface).

arvindarwin January 16, 2014 19:28

Colinda thank you for your reply. it was so helpfull.
I just performed matter in different way. Draft tube mesh generation in hexpress from imported parasolid cad file and after that imported runner
as igg project to hexpress module and then performing solution in Fine/open.
but what you describe above has advantage i think as i can do modifications on runner during process .its will be really helpfull.

I just want to ask what do you mean by advanced Autogird5 modules? could you please explain a bit more.

Thank you very much

colinda1 January 17, 2014 03:55

Indeed, if you make a mesh for the draft tube and spiral casing in HEXPRESS, my suggestion staying within the structured package FINE/Turbo is no longer possible as any mesh that contains (partly) unstructured meshes must be solved in FINE/Open with OpenLabs.

In that case the way you followed is the correct one. You can still save time
using scripts in case you would like to run simulations for many runner geometries. The first time you put your mesh together in HEXPRESS you can save these steps in Project/Scripts/Save All
Then you can easily relaunch the same script. In a shell script you can then automatically launch AutoGrid5 to make the runner mesh and copy the created mesh to a temporary location (to make sure you keep the original versions of the various runner meshes).
Then launch the recorded script in batch in HEXPRESS with the path of course set to the same temporary location. All batch commands to launch AutoGrid5, HEXPRESS, the solver and post processing can be found in the manual.

If you have a license for the advanced modules of AutoGrid5, it allows you in expert mode (selection at the top right of the GUI) to add in the Row Definition section at the top left a 3D effect to a selected row. In the manual you'll find a section dedicated to 3D Technological effects. But as I said, in the case you made your other meshes in HEXPRESS, this is of no use in your case and you have to assemble the components in HEXPRESS.

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