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Son_Goku December 31, 2013 07:57


I want to mesh an turbine cascade with the unstructured meshing program hexpress.
I loaded an existing .igg file from the structured meshing program IGG in hex press.
After checking the validity of the domain there is coming that there are vertices connected to more than 3 edges.

How can i make the domain valid?

Thanks in advance

colinda1 January 8, 2014 11:33

If you have more than 3 edges connected to one vertex, you will have to get rid of one or more edges by using the face merging in the domain manipulation menu or to go back to your original CAD software.

If you have a connectivity of 4 for a vertex, this may still work and you may succeed to create a mesh even if it is maybe locally of poor quality. But if the snapping fails in the area of such vertex or the mesh quality is not satisfactory, it is recommended to reduce the number of edges.

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