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timfranke January 7, 2014 08:37

Hexpress: failed feature line recognition

I came across a phenomena and I wonder if someone could tell a work around.
Given a cube where one edge is not completely sharp since after
half of the edge length the sharp edge runs over into a radius
that increases from R=0 to R=max at the corner point.
After importing as stl eleven edges a shown a feature lines but the
single edge decribed above is absent, although I would expect
to see a feature edge that covers half of the cube edge.
From a feature angle point of view the featre edge should be there.


Kaskade January 7, 2014 10:28

A picture would help understand the problem.

But I don't know if a feature edge can just stop, without connecting to other edges.

Do you have to use STLs?

timfranke January 7, 2014 11:52

Just imagine a cube where one edge radius develops from being 0 (sharp)
to a finite value (round). In Hexpress the whole edge is not marked as
a feature line although the first part is perfectly sharp.
If I read in stl the only way to detect feature lines is to evaluate the angle
of surface normals between neigbouring cells. If that angle exceeds a
given threshold then the common edge is a feature line.

Obviously this is treated differently in Hexpress leading to the described deficit.

Importing the geometry as Parasolid leads to the same failure.


Kaskade January 7, 2014 13:44

How about splitting the cube at the point where the edge starts getting rounded?

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