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HHOS March 19, 2014 09:19

Interior-Wall in Numeca Hexpress/Hybrid

I want to make an interior wall with Hexpress/Hybrid but I don't find the way.

To make the case simple, let's say that I want to mesh just a pipe, with a filter in the middle that I want to simulate in Fluent as a Porous-jump boundary.

All I have managed to do is two meshes and then make an interface in between...

The thing is that I would like to be able to make the whole mesh in just one step, and if the surface is a Interior-Wall and I have a conformal mesh, much better...

I tried doing a mesh with two starting points, but then the wall is just a wall, and I cannot change it into interior in Fluent...

Thank you very much!!

colinda1 March 27, 2014 12:04

In the current release it is not possible to make it in one step with a conformal mesh. But this is planned for the release v4.1 later this year.

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