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Jonas Larsson February 13, 2003 12:25

Welcome to this brand new forum for NUMECA users!

Several people have asked me to open a NUMECA forum and here it is finally. I hope that it will work out well and become active, but that is all up to you.

The purpose of this forum is to offer NUMECA users worldwide an undisturbed place to exchange ideas and discuss common problems. It also gives potential future NUMECA users the possibility to ask current users for advice. All topics related to software packages sold by NUMECA International s.a. (Fine/Turbo, Fine/Hexa, HEXPRESS, Fine/Design3D, ...) are welcome. More general CFD questions still belong in the main forum.

NUMECA International s.a. are aware of this forum and will probably monitor it and answer questions here. However, the Forum is independent and it is not in any way financially supported by NUMECA. Enjoy!

Khosro MOLLA HOSSEINI February 13, 2003 19:51

V2F Turbulence Model
When would V2F model be available in FineTurbo?

alain demeulenaere February 14, 2003 06:05

Re: V2F Turbulence Model
Dear Khosro,

Turbulence modeling has been identified as one of the key development tasks to be included in our next development plans. This will start this year 2003 by the introduction of one new turbulence model, which could be the V2F model.

No final decision has been taken yet. We are currently performing a literature study in order to compare the possibilities. We also think that discussions to be held at our User Meeting (26-27/02) should help us in getting a global view of our users wishes.

Sincerely yours

Alain Demeulenaere FINE/Turbo product manager

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