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yongsheng March 7, 2003 22:31

Laminar boundary separation
I am studying laminar boundary separation on a low Reynolds number and low aspect ratio wing. At high angle of attack (>15 degree), the separation occurs.

With unsteady simulation, I observe a secondary bubble which disappears after some time.

I need some advices and read some related papers in this area.


Peter Attar March 16, 2003 13:29

Re: Laminar boundary separation
Look for papers on delta wings and leading edge separation...these experience secondary separation along with the primary leading edge separation.

Allan D. Grosvenor March 26, 2003 17:04

Re: Laminar boundary separation
Hi Yongsheng,

You can search and download useful papers from NASA's technical report servers at:

or try:

Good luck with your studies! Allan

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