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Srinivas Kothy March 14, 2003 02:23

CFD Capability!
Can someone let me know whether CFD is capable of simulating a heat pump unit? The refrigerant undergoes a couple of phase changes. If yes can you specify the CFD code exactly? I work on CFD-ACE.

Bruno March 21, 2003 11:22

Re: CFD Capability!

Could you describe the problem more precisely (geometry, physical phenomena) ? If you prefer, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail.

best regards,


Allan D. Grosvenor March 26, 2003 17:00

Re: CFD Capability!
Hello Srinivas,

FINE 6 includes a sophisticated condensable gas module, and the customization for turbomachinery in FINE/Turbo (automatic grid generation, customized interface, turbomachinery-specific boundary and initial conditions, automated post-processing...) makes it particularly suitable for HVAC - including heat pumps. Do you intend to simulate only the pump, or do you wish to also include the coils and valve? Either way, FINE/Turbo would be an excellent choice. Knowing the extent of your needs, we can provide further specifics.

Best regards, Allan

James March 28, 2003 22:28

Re: CFD Capability!

We've been doing exactly this kind of work with CFX-5 (beta version of CFX-5.6). The final release is due in April, but you could probably get a demo of 5.6beta from CFX right now.

Their Eularian multiphase model allows for interphase mass transfer, allowing you to do things like boiling and cavitation. What's really cool is that the mass and momentum equations of ALL phases are solved simultaneously! CFX is a general purpose code, but is very well known in the turbomachinery world.

(Sorry Numeca. Don't mean to crash your party, but he did ask what code.)


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