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Chze Yeong Tang March 26, 2003 07:20

Running FINE on Batch Mode
Can FINE be run on batch mode? If it can, may I know what are the command lines to use and where can I get more information on this?

Brad March 26, 2003 10:20

Re: Running FINE on Batch Mode
Hi Tang,

Good to see you posted your request at the right place !

No idea how to run in batch mode though !

But it ought to be possible - if it is not implemented as yet then it really ought to be in the near future.


Allan D. Grosvenor March 26, 2003 16:41

Re: Running FINE on Batch Mode
Hello Tang,

FINE can be run in batch mode either from the command line or from the Task Manager. Please see Section 14-5 of the latest FINE manual for details.

Best regards, Allan

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