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Michal Vanco April 10, 2003 07:00

Strean position M
Hello there,

may be this is a stupid question, but could anyone tell me, what Stream Position (M) in CFview means?


Allan D. Grosvenor April 10, 2003 15:04

Re: Strean position M
Dear Michal,

Thanks for your inquiry. There are no stupid questions. Spreading information through the answering of such questions online is exactly what this forum is for. This question is most effectively answered graphically, but the following text should help:

For FINE/Turbo users, it's probably best to look at the AutoGrid interface to best explain the various non-dimensionalized coordinates. The GUI of AutoGrid is divided into 4 primary views:

The Meridional view (R-Z plane) is used to control the flow paths. R is the radial direction and Z is the axial direction.

The XYZ view displays the 3D mesh.

The Hub and the Shroud views (used to control blade-to-blade mesh generation) are conformal planes. The abscissa correspond to the integral, in the streamwise direction, of the ratio dm/r, where m is the curvilinear abscissa in the meridional view, and r is the local radius; the ordinate is 'theta' - the angular location.

I hope this helps. More information is given in the manuals, and please feel free to ask for more specifics from your support contact.

Best regards, Allan

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