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Jen June 14, 2003 13:51

HEX Express
How is HEX Express of Numeca? Can they be exported to other CFD Solver? Any limitations? Thanks!

Joerg Ettrich June 18, 2003 02:49

Re: HEX Express
Hello Jen,

HEXPRESS is a highly automated mesh generation system. It enables you to create high quality meshes, using hexahedral elements exclusively.

Yes, HEXPRESS meshes can be exported for the use with other flow solvers. Presently there are export formats for StarCD, Fluent and SamcefBacon (structural code) implemented. Other export formats are planned.

Please, do not hesitate to re-contact if you have any further question.

Best Regards,


NUMECA Ingenieurbüro <>

Catalina Rebecca June 19, 2003 23:12

Re: HEX Express - You should have known
You said automated. Did you use the term for HEXA MESH?

If so, do you really think it's possible?

You should use 'predefined' or 'limited'.

The possibility of autohex has not been proved mathematically or prectically and I do not expect it in my life time.

Let's minimize the sales' style discussion in this forum.


Konstantin Kovalev June 23, 2003 06:01

Re: HEX Express - You should have known
Please note, that the previous message by Joerg referred to a term "highly automated" rather than "fully automated".

More precisely, this means that the generator is capable of automatic generation of fully HEX meshes for HIGH percentage of geometries that we deal with.

Best regards, Konstantin

Jen July 9, 2003 12:12

Re: HEX Express
I have tried other automatic mesh generators for Hex mesh but the result is not very helpful. Thank you, Catalina!

Jen July 9, 2003 12:16

Re: HEX Express
Even partial automatic and partial manual meshing for true hex will be a great help. Thanks!

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