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Steve July 11, 2003 16:18

AutoBlade for airfoils??

I am trying to create standard airfoil sections in AutoBlade (e.g. C-Series parabolic arc camberline and NACA 65-Series). I realize the code does not have these definitions explicitly. However, I was wondering if anybody out there has created these (or other standard airfoils) using the parameters available so I don't have to reinvent the proverbial wheel.

joe August 2, 2003 09:47

Re: AutoBlade for airfoils??
u'd better use the Desing3D module of NUMECA, it can design a parameter airfoil sections, then u can import a target file which is contact your NACA 65-Series to fitting the parameter airfoil !

Steve August 4, 2003 09:45

Re: AutoBlade for airfoils??
Thank you Joe, good thought. This one has actually been suggested to me earlier. My hesitation with this is that it requires redundant definition of the problem, i.e., find airfoil geometry generation tool that can provide surface coordinates given camber, thickness distribution, and LE & TE radius convert this to .geomTurbo format import to AutoBlade perform fitting to recover parameters export back to .geomTurbo format

This would be a good approach if I know that I was going to go through substantial parametric design effort via AutoBlade and Fine/Turbo. However, in this case, my blades are loaded well within typical range of the 65-series airfoils (in cascade) and I am more interested in quantifying off-design performance.

I have thought about trying this approach to recover some "base" parameters to then use for a family of airfoils. However, the control of camber and thickness distributions is touchy enough already that I fear it would not be generally applicable to obtain expected shapes.

What do you think have you tried this?

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