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Khalid Sultan January 19, 2004 05:13

cell merging method

I am trying to implement the cell merging technique of J.Quirk on a test case ( naca0012 ). Having done that, I got some reasonable results on the upper and lower surfaces in the rear half part, but not in the front half part ! Does anybody have an explanation what could the reason be.


Thomas February 4, 2004 11:07

Re: cell merging method
Hi Khalid,

can you tell me which software are you using? In case you are interested, we can provide you a copy of our new unstructured Hexaeder code FINE/Hexa, which uses a similar technique for convergence acceleration.



Khalid Sultan February 6, 2004 05:19

Re: cell merging method
Hi Thomas;

I'm not using any commercial software, in fact I've developed the grid generator and the flow solver myself.

About your offer; yes, I'm interested in your code FINE/Hexa, and I will appreciate it.


shouhuopxm November 14, 2011 04:59

Naca0012 geometry
hi!i want to calculate naca12 in transonic flow!:p can you send the geometry to me !my email

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