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Srinivasa Rao Vaddiraju January 31, 2004 17:59

Design of calibrator in Extrusion process
Hi, I have simulated the polymer flow and heat transfer simulation through extrusion die and free-surface flow after the die using Fluent's Polyflow and designed a die. I would like to extend simulation downstream within sizing tool (or calibrator) and the cooling and thermomechanical deformations in the cooling tank, which contribute to the final shape of the extrudate product. I am searching for an appropriate software where I can simulate the above process and design a calibrator. Can I simulate this using NUMECA or related products. I would be very thankful if someone can help me. Thanks in advance. Srinivasa Rao Vaddiraju

bruno February 4, 2004 06:54

Re: Design of calibrator in Extrusion process
There are some polymer functions into the NUMECA software, but not as complex as in Polyflow for instance, because this is their specialty. I am actually wondering why you do not manage to simulate this case with Polyflow. Does it require an extra-capability that Polyflow does not have (e.g. free surface) ? I am not an exprt of Polyflow, this is why I am asking. Best regards, Bruno

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