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sam June 22, 2004 04:18

help 3D panel method
Dear all of u,

i am looking for a 3D panel method. The problem is that there are so many ( Cmarc, cosmos, newpan, panair, Vsaero...) that i do not know which one to use.

Could u please tell me which one are good with there advantages and inconvenients and prices. I am looking forward a 3D panel method for the computation of external aerodynamic problems for low subsonic airplanes.

Thank you by advance for your help and consideration. Yours faithfully, Sam.

Sven Schmid August 5, 2004 10:02

Re: help 3D panel method
Hi Sam,

you can download a free Panelcode for the computation of the incompressible flow around 3D-Wings on the site of the IAG (University if Stuttgart). In this program you can either specify a simple wing with NACA four-digit wing-sections, or read in an arbitrary Gridfile. If you are interested I can give you some details about its format.

Following the address:

The Program is called "Aero"

Yours sincerely,


Bao-Feng Ma September 9, 2004 21:58

Re: help 3D panel method
Hi Sven Schmid: I am interested in the "aero" software,and have download it.But the word on the interface is written by German,I don't understand!

Yours sincerely,


Sven Schmid September 22, 2004 10:43

Re: help 3D panel method
Hello Bao Feng,

on the first window you have to choose "3D Panelverfahren (3D Panel method).

-The first option on the second window is for reading in 3D Grid files for arbitrary wings. The File must have a special format... The second option on the second window is for generating a simple wing-configuration interactively (based on NACA 4-digit wing sections).

-If you choose the interactive mode, you can create a wing-configuration by drag and drop or entering the basic values (self-explaining).

By clicking on "weiter", you specify the discretisation parameters and the panel numbers of the grid. Here you can also specify if the wake should be relaxed or not (nonlinear effects included). Choose names for the result-files and start the calculation...

If you need some further help, please contact me.


Sven Schmid.

alejandra alvarez March 1, 2005 13:18

Re: help 3D panel method
i need information of 3d panel, can you let me this

sekhar February 24, 2006 09:04

Re: help 3D panel method
Hi, if u got this, please send to me.

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