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krisreddi July 13, 2005 07:22

information about K-omega wilcox model
hey i am working with turbulance models. i am new to this ,models. i need to use kappa-omega model for my simulaiton..

in kappa -omega model .......... we have wilcox, baseline and sst models...

which model is good to use for assessment of airfoil of wind turbine?

where i can found more information about this models?

please give me a reply to my email

Thanks krisreddi

buch July 25, 2005 09:07

Re: information about K-omega wilcox model
Hi Kisreddi

Basically the baseline model is a blend of k-epsilon 'far' from the walls, and k-w (the one from Wilcox) near walls.

The SST model is the baseline one plus a correction based on realizability constraints.

To summarize : 1) the k-w form Wilcox is known to be sensitive to the far-field values for the turbulent quantities

2) the baseline model was built to be independent of these values, keeping the "good" results of the Menter's k-w in adverse pressure gradient flows

3) the SST correction can be useful for transonic computations, e.g. to reduce the huge unphysical amount of turb. visc. created behind a shock

A good reference is the paper from menter "Zonal two equations k-w turbulence models for aerodynamic flows", AIAA 93-2906; u can still find many more googling ;)



Angelina September 1, 2005 08:53

Re: information about K-omega wilcox model
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