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michale January 8, 2006 00:44

what is turbulent eddy frequency?
what is turbulent eddy frqency in cfx?I am simulationg a problem in which i have to deal with acoustic analysis.I have to find frequcny.I have to use structure analysis before that i ahve to do flow analysis so that i can see that where actual frequcy is coming higher the same locations are also havibg higher pressure or not?so i am doing flow analysis.I am facing problem wit hturbulent eddy freq.can anybody know that what is this?what is its relation with frequcny?suppose i am getting higher turbulent eddy frqucy the nmy frequcy will also highe rat that location or not?


Badrinath January 31, 2006 23:20

Re: what is turbulent eddy frequency?
Dear Friend, I am also struggling with the same when I am doing the cFD analysis for a blower where I need to concentrate on acoutics region also. How it is going to help in my case and exactly where we can use this can you please brief if you can.How far it is helpfull for us in evaluating the acoustics of the system. Thanks and Regards Badrinath

arvi May 3, 2006 01:06

Re: what is turbulent eddy frequency?
i dont understand with your explenation, please tell me more about turbulent eddy, if you dont mind.. thank you

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