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Trevor Cooper March 3, 2006 21:17

Hardware/Graphics Recommendations
I have been asked to purchase a new workstation for CFD work for our group. In addition, we will be adding FINE/Turbo to the current CFD application suite that is being used.

FINE/Turbo is the first application to suggest graphics hardware compatibility may be an issue however most information I can find about compatible GPU's seems quite old.

We are running Redhat Enterprise v.3, Xfree86 v.4.3.x and would prefer to use a Dell for various reasons. Could anybody recommend a graphics card they know works from those available that aren't more than 1 year old? Can anybody steer me away from specific cards?

The Numeca web site cites the HOOPS library as being the issue with graphics card compatibility but the HOOPS developer site doesn't list more than 3 ATI cards as being compatible with an "old" version of HOOPS (v.11). Does anybody know what version of HOOPS the latest FINE/Turbo is using?

Thanks for any information...

Trevor Cooper / UCSD Division of Physiology

Roque Lopez March 22, 2006 17:00

Re: Hardware/Graphics Recommendations
I have two WS (hp xw6200) working with an ATI FireGL V3100 graphics card, the trick was that we upgraded the RedHat Enterprise 3 to RedHat Enterprise 4, because there are no drivers available for this card in RHEL3... So far it's working well, but I have to admit that I've seen much better graphics before.


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