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Maria Angelica March 10, 2006 04:46

Hexahedral or Tetrahedral
Hello! I am simulating an Inlet volute which has a blade ring at the end.

I am using ICEM and it is very easy to generate tretraheral meshes, but i have heard that using Hexahedral mesh would give better results.

I would really appreciate if somebody could explain me how more accurate the hexahedral is and why, so I can make more effort to the hexahedral mesh.


Roque Lopez March 22, 2006 16:55

Re: Hexahedral or Tetrahedral
Dear Maria Angelica,

If you are planning to use NUMECA's software... I think you have no choice: mesh must be structured hexahedral (if using Fine/Turbo) or if you will use Fine/Hexa, then an unstructured hexahedral mesh is required. I think that NUMECA support team can help you better.

I used ICEM three years ago, I did the effort of meshing with structured hexahedral blocks, but the ICEM 'automatic' tool to write the mesh in NUMECA's software format didn't work. So, I had to mesh the whole thing again with IGG... which, in my opinion, is more easy to use than ICEM, specially when dealing with structured hexahedral blocks for complex geometries...

Good luck!


PS. Do you speak spanish?

Remi April 4, 2006 06:31

Re: Hexahedral or Tetrahedral
Hi Maria,

It is difficult to quantify how more accurate would be an hexahedral mesh. Comparisons between tetrahedral and hexahedral grids usually leads to following conclusions: - less cells are needed for an hexahedral mesh (that is certainly an advantage as you can then refine the mesh in some fluid zone for a same "budget") - convergence is better - prediction is said to be better (but this can be also a consequence of previous items).

Hope it helps Regards, Remi

rani February 19, 2007 01:10

Re: Hexahedral or Tetrahedral
Hi all, Can anyone please share the code for generation of Hexahedral mesh or the source from where to get it!

Thanks Rani

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