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E Fardream May 28, 2007 11:52

Macro to output a plot curve
In CFView I can create multiple plot curves by macros, however, it was difficult to output a specific plot curve because no macro function as I know can select a given plot, except I manually intervened. Anyone knows the macro to select or active a given plot curve? I've gone through all the manuals I have only to find that I can delete rather than active

Andy Hill May 31, 2007 12:18

Re: Macro to output a plot curve
If you're using a macro to create and save plots, you can just create and save them one-by-one. When you use RprSection() to create a plot, it returns the name of the view, so after you save the plot data with PlotCurveOutput you can ViewActivate and ViewClose the view.

When you manually intervene, do you record your actions? You might be able to find a command that's not listed in the manual. If there is PlotCurveOutput and ActivePlotCurveOutput, one would think there would be PlotActivate or something like that, but I've been wrong on that before... Best of luck.

E Fardream May 31, 2007 22:44

Re: Macro to output a plot curve
Thank you for your reply. Here the problem is that I create the plot with BladeSection( float s ), which was designated to generate a plot containing data on a specific span position s. I've tried to place a PlotCurveOutput() next to BladeSection(), however, I found it still output nothing, any advice? Thank you

Roque Lopez June 15, 2007 19:29

Re: Macro to output a plot curve
In the CFVIew GUI, when you left-click a plot curve, you will see in the information line the name of that curve. Take note of those names and you can use the following macro command:



ActivePlotCurveOutput('/home/roque/ps.dat' ,'Section 1 on row_1_flux_1_Main_Blade_skin.Imin blade_(aap-ps)_rotating')

Iouri Antonik July 9, 2007 04:38

Re: Macro to output a plot curve
If you have access to the latest beta you can use SelectPlotCurves() which allows to select a curve plot by its name.

E Fardream July 9, 2007 08:13

Re: Macro to output a plot curve
Thanks for your sincere help; It seems the only solution would be to purchase a newer version of CFView. Right now we've done it by manually selecting the specific plots. Thank you anyway.

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