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Atomizer July 11, 2007 08:43

Numeca AutoGrid5
Hi I am trying to mesh a blade from an external cad file(ProE)in Numeca AutoGrid5. I can import and link it but when i try to Generate the Boundary layer(B2B), i get the message that my geometry is not fully defined and there is "no intersection curve detected". When i toggle 3D View i can see the whole blade and it seems to be correct.

Has anybody an idea?

Stephan July 20, 2007 12:12

Re: Numeca AutoGrid5
Try to do the same in the AutoGrid4 environment and read in the created AG4-GeomTurbo again in AG5.

I also usually have problems by using Geometry data files to create a proper geometry in AG5 ...

Don't know what's the problem. AG4 usually helps if the coordinat system is orientated right.


peck110 August 15, 2007 00:54

what is isentropic mach number?
you clever guy please tell me the answer.i was confused by that.

Rikio August 18, 2007 21:28

Re: Numeca AutoGrid5
Did the extension have been set?

Hamidzoka March 13, 2010 02:17

this problem is probably due to relative positions of blade, hub and shroud lines. numeca can mesh the geometry only if blade geometry intersects with hub and shroud lines. please check this.
if your blade geometry does not intersect with hub and shroud lines, you can extend it from both sides inside the autogrid.
does it help?


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