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Bucke Flo December 7, 2007 09:44

import .dat Datei
Hallo togehter,

I have a new problem. Iīm working with Unigraphics NX4 and I want to import a contour in AutoGrid. One way is to export the contour into an ASCII-File. In this way a scatter-plot was created. The ending of this file is ".dat"

How can I import such a file in Autogrid or IGG. Do I have to rewrite the .dat file into a special form?

If there is any understanding problem donīt hesitate to contact me.



eddy December 15, 2007 21:49

Re: import .dat Datei
In fact, in the new version of autogrid5, CAD files can be imported easier than the old version.

If you use autogrid4, I advise you to rewrite the .dat file into a special form of .geomturbo. I think it is a credible method than others.

I have done such work before. If have any question to discussion, feel free to cantact me by email.

best wishes


Bucke Flo December 17, 2007 03:38

Re: import .dat Datei
Hi Eddy,

have you received my message?

If not: Can you explain the structure of a .geomturbo-file? How can I rewrite a .dat-file into a .geomturbo?

Thanks for your help



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