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Li Yijin January 25, 2008 08:35

memory allocation failed
My computer:Pentium(r)D CPU 3.00GHz,3.37Gb memory Total Grid of points is 3,335,475,and memory requirements is 1923.06Mb by fine When solved, there is a error: memory allocation failed. What's the matter with it?

Li Yijin January 25, 2008 08:37

Re: memory allocation failed
My system is Win-Xp

Stephan January 28, 2008 13:16

Re: memory allocation failed
Hi Li,

... seams to be, that your grid is to big for your memory sice! 3Mill is close to the edge what is possible with 2GB. Do you have already checkt the memory settings in the Fine - Control Variables interface? If you just play around a little bit with the settings you can find out the maximum addressable parameters ( reals and ints shows different sensitivity ). What for a turbulence model do you use!? Ke for instance needs more RAM for initialisation ...

If this will not help you will be forced to iser reduce the grid sice or increse your available RAM. But using a 32bit system you will not be able to use more than 2Gb of RAM. Even this is reduced by Windows so that your real uasable RAM is smaler than 2GB( so you can also try to reduce the RAM used by Windows by some Windows settings )...

If you will not be able to reduce the number of cell elements, your only chance will be to pimp your computer by a smal trick. I do not recomend this to you if you are not an experienced user. ... There is an trick called 3Gb swith accesable via editing your registry ... Anything else you can find on the internet! For some CAD-Software it will help, but I can not quaranty!


Li Yijin January 29, 2008 22:42

Re: memory allocation failed
Thank you!

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