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Rikio August 27, 2008 04:06

Memory allocation failed ???
Hi, all,

The Memory Allocation Failed message comes out when I start a run. 1.42 GB is needed which is indicated from the control variables panel. My computer is configured as 4 GB of physical memory, and with 32-bit Windows XP platform. The needed memory is below the 2GB limitation of the 32-bit system. Why this happend? I terminated all other applications when I running the model. In addition, the version of FINE is 74_1. Anybody encountered this before? And how do you overcome it? Many thanks!


jesse August 30, 2008 08:47

Re: Memory allocation failed ???
that is craps for Numeca, this happen to us also a lot, especially for non-linear harmonic unsteady simulation.

i dont know to deal with that either, but my advisor has wrote a script in Linux to start the solution everytime manuelly, the memory is also manuelly allocated.

sometimes, it works, sometime it not, then we just have to try till it is just right

Rikio August 30, 2008 12:28

Re: Memory allocation failed ???
Thanks for your reply, Jesse.

Is there any difference between specifing memory allocation through script and GUI of FINE? What have been changed via the script? If you will, we can have further communication through E-mails. Thank you again.


jesse September 2, 2008 06:03

Re: Memory allocation failed ???
i am sorry, i have to correct something,

it isnot that we assign the memory and start the computation manually via scripts(of course, we can also do that), but the thing is, my advisor hat wrote a script to calculate how much momery it requires to run the simulation on multiprocessors, and compare to the physical memory you have to see if it is large enough and if you can run it successfully.

the script itself i can not attach here, but here is the general procedure.

check the requested memory under control variables, marked down the real and integer memory demanding,

via the formular in fineturbo usermanual page 347 you can calcuate the actually requred memory compared to the physical memory you have to see if it is enough.

for harmonic simulation, the memory calculation is more complicated, i still have no clue how the transformation works.

hope it will help you in someway

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