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Alex February 5, 2009 11:14

Why Manual recommends B-L model for sepating flow?
As it's known to all, the B-L alike algebraic models are quite unreliable for separated flow. So I just don't understand why Numeca still recommends B-L model for separting flow calculation in the table of subsection 4-4.5.2 "First Step: Choosing a Turbulence Model" of user-manual fineTurbo (my version is Fineturbo V8 released in Oct. 2007) . It may be a kind of misleading for newbie.

afeng0796 July 21, 2009 04:48

Turbulence Models
Low-Re: Baldwin-Lomax;Launder-Sharma k-ε; Yang-Shih k-ε; Chien k-ε; Extended wall-function k-ε; Spalart-Allmaras
Most Appropriate Flows
3D,strong pressure gradient,moderate curvature,separating flows

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