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liang June 26, 2009 05:10

"spanwise line broken ?"
Hi to all!

FINE shows me like that :

Non matching connection # 1 Fluid type # 1
Non matching connection # 1 - Grid level 1

what does it mean? Dose it mean there's something wrong with tht "Rotor/stator " configuration?

Best regards! Thank you !


Hamidzoka March 13, 2010 02:06

Dear liang;
please check the followings:
-the right definition of adjacent inlet and out faces of rotor and stator
-the right definition of downstream and upstream faces
-the rigth definition of patch number for both faces
-in case you use "frozen rotor" or other unsteady approaches for rotor/stator interactions(except domain scaling method) verify that rotor and stator have the same periodicity.

in case you have completely perfomed the above commands and you still encounter with this error, please checkout your geometry definition.
does this help?

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