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srikumar December 21, 2009 03:37

Periodicity in IGG
I wish to set rotation-type periodicity for a geometry and though i tried setting up periodicity from the 'grid' tab,the boundary conditions do not show 'PER' as a boundary condition and there seems to be not other way to set it for the corresponding walls.Somebody,please help me out! :confused::confused:

Hamidzoka March 11, 2010 05:08

dear srikumar
once you set and define the type of periodicity in IGG, you should search the periodic boundries. to do this, firstly set your periodicity. then go to grid> boundry conditions. a window named "patch selector" will be appeared. pickup "search" button in the section of "connectivity(con/nmb/per/pernm)" . IGG automatically detects periodic boundries within the specified tolerence. if your model periodicity is ocrrectly chosen but IGG could not find them periodic, you can adjust the tolerance to fix the problem.
does it help?

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