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Bedotto March 17, 2010 14:04

History Convergence: Graphical problem
Hi all,

I'm working with fine/turbo 8.6-1 on turbomachinery. I've launched a calculation with 1500 iterations. With Monitor I've plotted my history convergence curve and I've seen the calculation required more iterations in order to attain convergence.

In order to continue the calculation I've avoided to delete the history convergence and I launched the calculation from the previous run file.

Here comes my problem. When I launch Monitor to check the history convergence curve I obtain graphical bugs and a amount of lines but there is no more curves.....And it's clearly a graphical problem (i've already checked if it wasn't a divergence).

I would like to know if it's a known issue or did i make something wrong? I hope that someone could bring me some elements to solve this annoying problem.


Quentin Bedotto

Hamidzoka March 18, 2010 00:40

hi Bedotto;
what do you mean by "amount of lines but there is no more curves" ?
can you clearly describe it?
what about history of convergence curve inside the FINE? deos it have a simliar behavoir to what MONITOR shows? or it is normal?
can you see the convergence curve in FINE when you restart the calculations? is it updated as the iterative solution goes on?
FINE and MONITOR convergence curves should show an identical trend.
check this and come back again.

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