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alireza_turbo August 15, 2010 15:39

a problem in NUMECA application
We are going to initialize 2 rows of blades from an axial turbine in AutoGrid. Unfortunately, we can not define the geometry for the second row in AutoGrid. We think that we should use special setting in Autoblde exporting but we donít know how it is possible.

oldshoes81 June 10, 2011 02:57


If you are dealing with 2 rows of blades, you should use Autoblade(TM) to design one row by one row. Say, your machine consists of row 1 and row 2. You may use AutoBlade(TM) to design the row 1 first, and export to 'row 1.geomturbo' and subsequently to row 2 with 'row 2.geomturbo'.

Within the GUI of AutoGrid 5, you have to import the geometry one by one.

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