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Cenzo September 16, 2010 05:29

run time
Hello everybody,

can Numeca give an estimation about the run time?

thank you


Hamidzoka September 17, 2010 23:30

it is impossible for NUMECA to give such estimations.
it needs exprrience and can be only done by user approximately.
in fact it depends many parameters like:

-mesh type (sturctures, unstructured)
-mesh sizes
-flow field geometry (shape and dimensions)
-flow regime (laminar or turbulent)
-near wall treatment method applied
-turbulence model used (if any)
-initial conditions
-convergency criteria
-time dependency of flow (steady or unsteady)
-subsonic or suppersonic flow?
-single or multi phase flow?

each of parameters named above can affect run time.


Cenzo September 29, 2010 09:36

Thank you!

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