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rajpal September 22, 2010 06:53

I am using igg for the aircraft mesh........but i am facing problem :mad:to make vortex trail in end of wing...can you tell me that how to use elliptic smooth option............

sanboju January 24, 2011 08:09

Smooth meshing

Is it your problem, a boundary layer problem? you can define how high you wanna be the increase of the transition mesh adjusting parameters in Grid--> Create face --> planar faces smoothing. You have to define the cell width (is the distance from the wall for the first layer), the control layers number, and expansion ratio for the transition from the first to the last layer.

One recomendation friend, for a good meshing the trailing edge must not finishes in a vortex. You can fill the vortex and for example, cut with a circle of 1-2 diameter.

Another think I recomend you is to remeshing the leading edge and the trailing edge. Once you choose the number of points of the mesh over the upstream and downstream of the wing, you can selec one kind of edges distribution. I recomend you to define an hyperbolic tangent with 0.002 spacing.

When you finish all the steps I tell you, yo have to smooth again.

I hope I'll be helpful.


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