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beancurdsm January 8, 2011 08:10

Can CFview make animation?
Recently i'm doing simulation on hydraturbine ,Fransis.And i want to know if numeca can fulfill this task?

sanboju January 24, 2011 07:34

Numeca Simulation

Of course you can do simulations in CFView. You can create animate gifs. It only works for unsteady time configurations. When you start CFView to see the results of an unsteady time configuration job. Numeca ask you for the time steps you wanna see. click on "all time steps" for a full animation over 360. To create a visualization you have to click on the record player (at the top right) and a menu will appear. Just only change Delay: 20, and Loops: 0.

In this case numeca create a *.jpg file every step you indicate you wanna a solution in Fine/turbo (computationi steering/control variables menu, on Save solution every: xxx) If you choose 1, and for example you choose for number of angular positions 180, numeca saves a output data every 2 degrees.

For the simulation, numeca will take pictures of the movement every 2 degrees of the rotor and it saves in the directory you choose (once you click on the menu I refer before). Once the simulation finish, numeca will create a simulation *.gif joining all the pictures. If you choose (from the recorder menu) delete image files, once the *.gif will be created, automatically numeca will delete the *.jpg files.

I hope I'll be helful.


beancurdsm January 25, 2011 00:23

Thanks a lot,sanboju.
Maybe I should try unsteady configuration,for that option can really solve my task.But I have found CFview can also do simulation of steady,i mean points moving on stream lines of W velocity,and it can really animates flows in the turbine.

sanboju January 25, 2011 03:52

steady simulation
Sure you can simulate a flow over a steady simulation and get the stream lines over your case, but I thought you wanna simulate the rotor in movement.

For steady simulation you will get in the job the same parameters (with less precission than unsteady) in a determinate time and with a fix angular position.

In this case, if you wanna get good results I recommend you to set in Fine/Turbo: Computation Steering --> Control variables --> Convergence criteria: -6.0


vlantrix April 1, 2015 05:36

Time step and angular position
Hi sanboju,

You seems to understand the principle of time step very well.. Actually I have some interrogations.

I want to simulate a CROR and therefore I want to save the outputs at different relative positions of the blades. Because I have 2X3 blades turning in opposite ways, my period is 60.
Can you explain me what is represented by Number of angular position and Number of Time Steps?
Let's say that I want to register 6 positions in my period, what should I set as parameters? Thank you

inarus May 4, 2015 08:46


I've seen the infos provide in the user manual, though, Fine/Marine won't create a *,run file even for unsteady computation, like Fine/Turbo for example.

I have a marine propeller computed with ISIS-CFD (unsteady) and I can't see how I can animate it's rotation.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

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