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uqzcpo August 22, 2011 04:48

about numeca harmonic method Memory allocation failed
When I run a parallel computation using harmonic method, it appeared like this:
********** Task : task 1 , subTask 1 ---> STATUS INFO**********


-steering F:\STC\last3\last3_unsteady0_20110822\last3_unstea dy0_20110822.steering
-niversion 85_1

!Memory allocation failed for process 6
!Memory allocation failed for process 5
!Memory allocation failed for process 4
!Memory allocation failed for process 1
I don't know how to do with it, if somebody know it, I'm begging your help and thanks a lot.

oldshoes81 August 22, 2011 10:52


Could you send me your project file, .iec and all related .trb mesh files? By the way, what is your operating system and how much RAM capacity you have?

oldshoes81 October 7, 2011 22:10


Could you check your RAM capacity within the FINE/TURBO, the page of Control Variables and compare to your existing hardware RAM capacity you have?

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