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mahdi balali October 4, 2011 07:56

Autoblade centrifugal pump template
Hi everybody
I am working on a sample pump design and optimization process as follows:

1- The geometry is completed in CFTurbo
2- The mesh is generated in Autogrid
3- The analysis has been completed in Fine/Turbo
4- The model is transferred to Fine/Design 3D to start the optimization process.
5- Now I must create the parametric model in Autoblade, but when I switch to
Autoblade I cannot find any template for centrifugal pump. the menu
contains the following items, but there is no centrifugal pump:
-axial compressor
-axial turbine
-centrifugal compressor
-centrifugal compressor with spliter
-radial diffuser
-wind turbine
-flank milled compressor
-axial fan

as you see there is no centrifugal pump, I dont know if I am proceeding wrong, or if I had to add a template file for centrifugal pump.
please kindly advise, and if you have the file let me use it.
Thanks in advance from all of the friends.

oldshoes81 October 7, 2011 21:50


Could you try on the centrifugal compressor for fitting purpose?

mahdi balali October 8, 2011 03:27


Originally Posted by oldshoes81 (Post 327111)

Could you try on the centrifugal compressor for fitting purpose?

but I am looking for any template that is designed specially for centrifugal pumps.
Do you any available file on the web?

ArslanOZCAN February 18, 2014 09:56


It's been a long time but could you find a solution for this problem ?

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